Gluten Free T's Kitchen


We are a gluten free restaurant.
Our restaurant offers dishes and drinks that do not use wheat, barley, rye, or no msg.
We try to accommodate all food allergies,
including nut, egg, dairy, soy, shellfish, etc,as much as possible, but due to limited kitchen space, we cannot guarantee all meals.
Please use your own judgment.

Dish (Roppongi)

Desert & Cakes (Roppongi)


Dish (Ueno hirokoji)

Desert & Cakes (Ueno hirokoji)

Morning (Ueno hirokoji)

Gluten Free T's Kitchen

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Cancellation Policy

Since the number of seats is limited, for a free cancellation of a reservation we require a 4-days notice. From the 3rd day to the day before the reservation, the cancelation fee will be 1,500 yen per person; cancelling the reservation on the same day of said reservation, or in case of giving no notice of the cancelation, it will be 3,000 yen per person.

Call : 03-6874-7719
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